An Unexpected Journey to Greatness

I must admit that I did not choose marketing. If anything, marketing chose me. I was just doing things I really wanted to do. As a teenager, I loved music more than anything else. In my junior year of high school, I was fat on credits and had most of my required courses completed. Due […]

Alcohol and Post Acute Withdrawal

Recovery or sobriety causes a lot of stress, particularly in the beginning. Post acute withdrawal (PAW) results from the damage the alcoholic has taken to his or her nervous system combined with the stress of having to cope with life without alcohol. Post acute withdrawal will set in three to six months after the user […]

Secrets For Effective Christian Leadership

Do you know what it takes to lead others in Christian service? I can recall an anecdote of an observer watching a large crowd of serious looking people hurry along a pathway. About twenty minutes later, someone anxiously asks the observer if she had noticed a large crowd of people go by. When the observer […]

Develop A Magnetic Lifestyle

Each of us possesses the ultimate tool for creating success and attracting the things in life we truly desire. What is the secret? Our positive thoughts. Oh, I hear the skepticism, but it is entirely true! Our lives are like the proverbial blank canvas and we hold the paintbrush. In the infamous words of Napoleon […]

Dreams vs Goals – What’s the Difference?

Let us begin by defining what is dream and what is a goal. According to an online dictionary, “a dream is a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind. “A goal is a projected state of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve – a personal or […]

Do You Have the Right Fit?

As a women steps into a leadership role, assumes more responsibility in a business, or is on the cusp of doing her own thing, she looks for role models on how to proceed. Often those models are from a masculine standpoint. Even when embracing this masculine energy, there is a not a ‘quite right feeling […]

Set Goals Instead of Resolutions

As a new year begins, many people make resolutions to do something different this year. Unfortunately, almost 60% of those resolutions are broken within a few weeks. While New Year’s Resolutions set the intention for change, they really aren’t enough. A New Year’s Resolution is a nice first step. It is a statement of your […]

Leadership Commitment 2 of 7 – Create a New Game

This is your life, and only you ultimately choose each and every step you take in any given direction. You’ve already made up the rules for the life you’re living right now. The question is did you design them consciously or did you allow fear and circumstance to control you? Choose what is important and […]

The Virtues and Vices of Consistency

Most people value and admire consistency. From Cal Ripken, Jr.’s consecutive game streak in baseball, to business longevity, to celebrating anniversaries and even birthdays; humans look for consistency, for plans and for stability. Most people see those traits as good things. Compounding the interest and desire for consistency is the favor found in traditions. The […]

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening or a spiritual experience are terms that are often used by people to try and describe experiences that are in many ways so deeply personal that they are extremely difficult if not impossible to put into words. This might seem a slight contradiction in terms, but is part of the difficulty of […]